I swear I don't remember adding this to this site but on 9/28 it appeared under my 3 Day Diary. I'm moving it here where it belongs.

Bereaved Moms
Be true to yourself. Grieve openly and with your whole heart.
Remember that this is the most unpredictable and painful experience you will ever go through.
Peculiar behaviors are often normal behaviors where grief is concerned.
Tell your relatives and friends the depth of your pain and that you need them to stand by your side through the ebbs and flows of emotions.
Only you know what is right for you; others cannot dictate how you should feel or what you should do.
Balance your activities with quiet times to reflect.
Understand that you died the day your child died and that “old self” will not return. You cannot be what or who you were before this devastating loss.
This is a life-long journey of learning to live with the death of your child. You will survive, and hopefully survive well, but it is important to be patient with yourself.
Take time for a massage or anything where you can allow someone to nurture you. Tears may come during the experience but they are healing tears.