Linda Williams
Gig Harbor
Posted 03/13/2007 7:06:11 PM PDT

Penny, Myself and 2 friends (Donna & Sherry) did the Whidbey weekend with you in '04. We came away with so much valuable info and at the perfect time before our First Walk in Los Angeles in Oct 04. Thanks again for a GREAT weekend. I have since done San Diego in 05, Seattle last year and this year am doing the Avon walk in LA; 08 will bring me back to the 3-Day in Seattle. I have a friend who is walking with her team for the first time in Seattle this year. I told her about your wonderful Whidbey "mini 3-Day" and she and a few of her team should be contacting you soon. Her name is Annmarie Lontz, and I hope they get a spot for the weekend. Thanks again for all that you do for all of us walkers. Linda