lawrence nevitt
blaine, Wa
Posted 04/09/2007 5:38:27 AM PDT

Penny, My very close friend Sherri Chisarik introduce my to your website. She is planning on walking in September. I would love to accompany her and your group for this worthly cause. I have two very beautiful daughters, and many close lady friends. Moreover, ten years ago I lost an extremely close girl friend to cancer. Understand you must raise $2500. I work for British Petroleum in Alaska and have already got about $300 verbal commitments from various co-worker if I qualified to walk with your group. I am on vacation for six weeks starting Aug. 7 thru Sept. 17. Sherri tells me the 60 mile walk begins on Friday Sept.7, so I could will plan this event, but again only if I meet your requirements. I work in Alaska two weeks on and two weeks off, and looks like I will miss you training walks. But I do work out on a constant basis at work and at home. Hopefully being a fit 55 year old man with two beautiful daughter qualifies. Look forward to hearing from you. Phone number is 425-238-9308, presently in Alaska, but do get my messages.