Joseph Bainbridge
Plymouth Meeting, Pa 19462
Posted 09/03/2008 3:29:32 AM PDT

Penny, I am very touched by your story. On November 22nd 2007 just two days shy of Thanksgiving my son-in-law Sean Williams was coming home from work when he too lost control and hit a tree to end his life of a short 34 years. It has changed our lives forever. He and I locked heads on occassion but he was the absolute love of my daughters life. First date, first kiss, first love and only love. My daughter now lives with me and I guess is doing as well as can be expected. The lives of my entire family have been changed forever do to a car and a young man hurrying home from work to be with his wife. Sean's mother and father are lost, I don't know if they will ever come out of it. I am sorry to take up so much space but I needed to share the hurt and pain a family goes through when a young family member is lost. Be well and stay strong. I am getting ready to walk in my 4th year in Philly and Tampa.